Wilbert the Forest Engine

This Hunslet design of War Department "Austerity" tank was produced to assist in the invasion of Europe. However, works no. HE 3806 was built after the war in 1953, and served at various collieries and loco sheds until 1973, when it was acquired by the Dean Forest Railway in Gloucestershire. He is named "Wilbert" in honour of the Rev. Wilbert Vere Awdry. "Wilbert the Forest Engine" by Christopher Awdry was published in 1994.

Tom Wright adds: "Sixteen (Wilbert the Forest Engine),another Austerity tank. He is said to have worked in a steelworks and sold to "some people in the Midlands" for preservation." This actually corresponds closely to Wilbert's history as recounted above, although the Dean Forest Railway does have another Hunslet Austerity, "Warrior". Sixteen below rendered by Daniel David Snell.


Collector's Corner:
Classic ertl logo model of Sixteen
Classic ertl logo model of Wilbert
Classic Ertl model of Sixteen
Classic ERTL model of Wilbert the Forest Engine

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