Terence the Tractor

This is a 1934 CAT Seventy, one of nine remaining from an original build of 266. This is a good match for Terence down to the running board and fuel tank. This machine is rather unusual in being powered by petrol (gasoline) rather than diesel, and was probably the last tractor ever to be so fuelled.

Terence appeared in "Tank Engine Thomas Again" (1949).

Model Feature
Caterpillar is unique among industrial combines in retaining its identity unchanged for over a century of making distrinctively yellow earth moving equipment, and also by its strict control and promotion of modelling franchises. The combination enables the modelling of Terence to the last spark plug! See this CCM brass 1:24 model of the CAT 70, now out of stock but thus surely floating on EBay somewhere, as an immediate Terence-similar antecedent, the CAT 10.
CAT 70 model
Model of Terrence
For HO scale modellers, there is this brass model of the CAT 70's immediate descendant, the diesel-powered D7. Take away the scoop (a crime to be sure, but he does have one on TV sometimes) and there's Terence again! Still in stock, but those production runs are tiny, buy now by clicking on the pictures.
Collector's Corner
Classic classic ERTL logo model of Terence
New NEW ERTL logotake-along model of Terence
Classic ERTL model of Terence
Take-Along Terence

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