Stafford (left) and basis (right) North Staffordshire Railway battery-electric shunter (No.1)
Picture (right) from National Railway Museum, York/photo credit Ian Jackson with our thanks!

This unusual locomotive's story is quoted below from the display plaque at the National Railway Museum, York (with our many thanks to Ian Jackson for sharing this information and photos with us).

"When this locomotive was built in 1917, it was an excellent advert for the new world of electricity. The factory where it was based produced components (including copper wire) for the electrical supply industry, the electric tramway network, and the rapidly expanding telephone network.

North Staffordshire Railway No. 1 is basically an electric tram locomotive with batteries (rather than an overhead wire) supplying electricity to its two electric motors. No,1 could run up to six hours on one chanrge and haul a load up to four times its weight at 11 mph (18 kph), which is a reasonable speed for shunting.

During a working life of 46 years shunting wagons at the works and the adjacent station at Oakamore, No. 1 only had two drivers. Taking over from driver Arthur Adams in 1928, Bill Prime drove No. 1 until 1963 when the factory closed."

Photos of Stafford courtesy Ian Jackson
Stafford's headlight detail (top left), cab interior (lower left) and cab detail (right)
Photos taken at the National Railway Museum by Ian Jackson