Hornby OO model of GWR Clerestory Coach

Clerestory roofs, once common both sides of the Atlantic, date from the 19th century when trains were lit by dingy oil lamps; the extra little windows down the middle of the train admitted a little extra daylight. They were phased out with the advent of gas and later electric lighting. Note the clerestory windows are not needed in the baggage compartments of the brake coach. The Great Western's clerestory coaches lasted longer than most and the style is associated with that railway. Again, anyone with pix of real GW clerestories are asked to contact me through my site's guestbook.

Modeler's Corner:
Click links to see Hornby produced OO-Gauge GWR Clerestory Composite and Brake Coaches.
Hornby's also offers a OO model of Old Slow Coach available from Amazon.co.uk
Hornby's model of Old Slow Coach

Collector's Corner:
Classic ERTL model of Old Slow Coach LC Wooden Old Slow Coach from Amazon UK and US
ERTL model of Old Slow Coach Learning Curve Wooden Old Slow Coach