SCRUFFEY the 7 plank mineral wagon owned by S.C. Ruffey

Standard 7-plank mineral wagon, a long-time mainstay of British bulk freight from coal to sand to china clay to Scruffey's load. This was of course the railway ballast from the lead mines brought out by the small engines and taken to the rest of the system on Duck's branch line. S.C. Ruffey and Co were thus the "private owner" of the wagon and probably had a case for suing the Fat Controller after it was broken in "Oliver the Western Engine" (1969). Art by Daniel David Snell.

Modeller's Corner:
Hornby logo released this model of SCRUFFEY. Still available as part of a combo pack from
Hornby model of SCRUFFEY
Bachmann Trains version of SCRUFFEY
Bachmann logo Bachmann version of SCRUFFEY

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