BR Class 07 0-6-0 Diesel-Electric Shunter TV version of Salty
BR Class 07 0-6-0 diesel-electric shunter at Eastleigh @early 1970s - photo credit: Paul Miller

The Class 07 0-6-0 diesel-electric shunter built by Ruston and Hornsby was introduced in 1962 to work the Southhampton dockyards. Ten were built.

Modeller's Corner
Bachmann Trains version of Salty, available from Amazon US. Bachmann Trains version of Salty

Collector's Corner
Classic ERTL model of Salty TOMY version of Salty from
ERTL Salty TOMY model of Salty
LC Wooden Salty from Amazon UK and US LC Take-Along Salty from (U.S.)
Learning Curve Wooden model of Salty Learning Curve take along model of Salty