Basis for Rosie - SR USA Class 0-6-0ST
From an old postcard - Ex-SR USA Class 0-6-0T No.30068 at Southampton Docks (1960)

To bolster rail motive power for the allied war effort, Col. Howard G. Hill designed this 0-6-0 tank engine for the United States Army Transportation Corps (USATC) during the period of 1941-1942. American-built and classified as "S100" by the USATC, the 0-6-0T locomotives were shipped over to Britain in batches beginning in 1943. Their intended purpose to work European dockyards and industrial sites during and after the eventual Allied landing in Europe.

Impressed with their performance and design, Southern Railways purchased 15 of the engines as war surplus in 1946 for shunting use at the Southampton docks to replace their aging fleet of Adams B4 0-4-0T dock shunters. After a few modifications for heavy-duty use on British rails, they were put into immediate service and worked reliably until the last nine were retired in 1967. One of these 0-6-0T USA Class locomotives is on display at the Bluebell Railway.

And below, Chris Eden-Green shares this snapshot of this class of engine seen in operation on a visit to the Kent and East Sussex Railway in September 2008. Restored to service on/off since 1974, No. 22 "Maunsell" regained its original SR livery and SR number 65 in 1997.

No. 22 Maunsell (WD No. 1968, SR No. 65, BR Nos. 30065, DS 237)
Kent & East Sussex Rwy's No.22 "Maunsell" (SR No.65) Photo courtesy Chris Eden-Green

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