Inter-City 125 High Speed Train - Pip and Emma

An Inter City 125 "High Speed Train" is made of two Class 43 power cars at either end and 8 or 9 Mk III coaches. They hold the world speed record for diesel traction of 148mph, set in 1987. Introduced in 1977, when they bore the standard Inter-City livery seen above, they were unusual in the world as a high-speed solution without electrification. As they are very reliable, 197 power cars are still in operation around the UK.

Philippa (Pip) and Emma appeared in Christopher Awdry's books "Gordon the High-Speed Engine" (1987) and "Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines" (1995).

Modeller's Corner:
Hornby logo has a few HST125s in their range to choose from.

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