Photo courtesy and credit Chris Eden-Green with artwork by Christopher Signore with our thanks!

The 2-10-0 9F heavy goods lococomotive from 1954 was the last standard design for British Rail and most of them had criminally short lives, with the exceptions of no. 92203 "Black Prince" pictured below, the most famous (and last) of the class, no. 92220 "Evening Star", turned out in BR Green with a copper-capped chimney from Swindon, and a few others rescued from Barry scrapyard. One of these, no. 92240, is in service on the famous Bluebell Railway, which has a "9F Club" for youngsters aged 9-16.

The "BR standards", starting with express passenger 4-6-2 "Britannia", and including a variety of mixed-traffic and tank designs, were made under the supervision of RA Riddles CBE. The big tender locos had these familiar smoke deflectors and all had the distinctive high footplate shown here with a sharp descent to the buffer beam. No room for high-maintenance splashers in the post-war austerity atmosphere!

BR 2-10-0 9F
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Hornby's version of Murdoch, available from Hornby BR 'Evening Star' Class 9F (00 gauge)

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