TRLOTTTE is proud to showcase the modelling skills of Gavin Rose, who, known by the moniker "Knuckles" on the Sodor Island Forums, has undertaken the task of recreating canonical versions of the engines of Sodor, as depicted in the Rev. W. Awdry's Railway Series. The models featured on this page are the result of thorough research by Gavin and members of the 'Thomas' online community, mainly Simon Martin (Simierski), Sean O'Connor, and fellow Sudrian scholar Rhys Davies. Sources include WVA's and GVA's The Island of Sodor, including the RWS stories. The works featured by Gavin's "Knucklehead Entertainment" will undoubtedly impress you. The bulk of the models currently on display have been built in preparation for his forthcoming 8th episode. In his own words, Gavin will describe the scope and purpose of his projects below. Enjoy!

Greetings, Knuckles here!

The models that I make and adapt are, I hope, different than most others. The reason being that my attitude towards RWS modelling is rather rigid and in some cases expensive! I prefer to use the most modern locomotive models and components as a base rather than restoring outdated toolings such as those from the Tri-ang range. It can sometimes be expensive,, but if you cannot afford the cost, rather than improvising, just save up bit by bit - only then do I make a compromise if I cannot for some reason.

The Bachmann Thomas and Friends models are fine if you are a follower of the TV series, but incorrect as not enough research was done by the show's modelmakers in the early days. They appeared to have been sticking primarily to C.R. Dalby's versions during their construction for the TV series. Hornby's Thomas models are more realistic as they are based on prototypes, but again just don't 'often' do the characters justice in my opinion.

This is my modelling aim: Create versions of the characters that I believe Wilbert wanted — not based off his own models; not based off the illustrations or TV series, but researched with his own prototype notes and real railway research in order to produce what is (I hope) highly likely accurate depictions of the 'real' engines as they should of been from the beginning. Then there is my slowly-building series I wish to feature them in.

With that being said, here then is my roster of RWS engines that I have built and/or customized to date. With time and luck, this list will expand!

Click any of the engine names from the menu below...

If you're interested in seeing these models in action, please drop into my YouTube Channel! I'm known there as Sparkshot and I hope that you enjoy watching my video productions!

Lastly, I'd like to give special thanks to Martin Clutterbuck for hosting my work on his fabulous website!