Basis for Mighty Mack - Double Fairlie articulated locomotive
No. 7 - Merddin Emrys (Little Wonder) purchased for the Festiniog Railway (Wales) in 1869
from Railway wonders of the World - Part 39 (1935)

Robert Fairlie designed this unusual narrow-gauge engine, an 0-4 + 4-0 double-ended loco sat upon two steam-powered articulated bogies and acquired by the Festiniog Railway in 1869. During its initial trial run, "Merddin Emry" quickly earned the nickname "Little Wonder" for its impressive performance. While its rigid-wheelbased co-workers could only handle 26-wagon slate trains, "Little Wonder" could haul a 72-wagon slate train. The locomotive's articulated base was so adept at at handling the sharp curves of the 1 ft. 11½ in. gauge line, that the Festiniog Railway was able to raise to speed limit from 12 to 30 miles an hour (19.3 to 48.2 km/h).

This locomotive design shared a single boiler, and was equipped with two fireboxes joined in the middle by a mid-feather, leaving a water jacket between them. In terms of operation, the driver stood on one side of the single long firebox, while the fireman stood on the other side. "Little Wonder" can still be seen in operation today on the Festiniog Railway.

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