Basis for Madge: a circa 1965-67  Scammell Scarab - Photo: John Ingoe's 1967 Scarab Courtesy Tony Wiese to TRLOTTTE
1967 Scammell Scarab at Harrowgate, 1st August, 2010 after completing the Trans-Pennine Run
Photo: Courtesy Tony Wiese to TRLOTTTE, with our many thanks!

Designed and built as the next generation of the firm's Mechanical Horse goods transport vehicles by Scammell Lorries Limited, London, the three-wheeled Scammell Scarab was first introduced in 1948. The three-wheeled Scarab quickly became a common sight at dock and railway depots, its success attributed to its high maneuverability and its unique patented ability to automatically couple and uncouple itself from trailers - very useful features to have in the tight urban and industrial spaces it had to work in. Built and sold until 1967, Scammell Scarabs were available in 3 and 6 ton hauling capacity models.

The Scarabs constructed from 1965 onwards are easily distinguishable from their earlier models by the turn-signal lights mounted directly above the driver and passenger sides of the lorry's cab. Judging by her general appearance, "Madge" is likely from the 1965-67 lot.

Basis for Madge: a circa 1965-67  Scammell Scarab - Photo: Courtesy Tim Hall to TRLOTTTE
Another view of FMA 53F at "The Gathering" weekend exhibition, Crewe, Sept. 2005
Photo: Courtesy Tim Hall to TRLOTTTE, again with our thanks!

Are you a Scammell aficionado?
If the answer is "Yes", or you are simply curious, we recommend visiting the Mechanical Horse Club's website administered by Tony Wiese. There you can learn more about this vehicle's history, restoration projects and exhibitions in the U.K.
TRLOTTTE would like to extend our special thanks to club members Tony Wiese and John Giles for their interest and contributions :)

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