Lady from thomas and the Magic Railroad Lively Polly at Monks Ferry Wharf, 1956
Thomas and the Magic Railroad's Lady Lively Polly at Monks Ferry Wharf, 1956. Picture by JB Horne from the defunct BBC page “My Merseyside Memory” by Roy Bailey

Of all the locos described here, “Lady”, appropriately enough, is the only one to have been designed by a woman - Britt Allcroft. First introduced in Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000), the character should, by rights be considered to be a fantasy engine with no known corresponding real-life prototype. Correspondent David Butchers sent in this near-match - “with similar short wheelbase and small boiler”, Lively Polly, the only steam locomotive owned by the mythical Liverpool Overhead Railway Company, an elevated electric commuter line in Liverpool now no longer existing.

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