Robin Johns, who owns and operates a crane hire service out of Irymple, Victoria Australia has recently undertaken a most interesting project - that being the restoration to operating order of a Ransomes and Rapier 6 ton petro-electric crane. We're very grateful to Robin for providing TRLOTTTE with a pictorial progress of his restoration project which is sure to fascinate site visitors! We hope to post additional photos in the future of Robin's progress with the crane's rebuild. Best of luck and to the project's success Robin!

Here we see the crane in its original state at the beginning of his restoration project.

The jib removed, the crane was then completely dismantled.

Robin then had the crane's chassis frame touched up and given a new base coat of paint primer.

Here we see the small diesel engine (right) that turns the dynamo which supplies the current to the crane's electric wheel motors and crane winch.

Robin enlisted the help of a few of his company's "pals" to prepare "Kevin" for reassembly!

The jib - now with a new coat of paint, sits atop some scaffolding.

The jib awaits its reunification with the crane.

John's update for this photo taken 29 October, 2010. The jib has been reattached to the chassis.


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