Visitors replacing Sodor engines during their trip to England in "The Eight Famous Engines" (1957)

Picture from Freefoto, Art by Salty, SIF.
Image © Millburn Associates.

Jinty - A real nickname for the very common LMS 3F 0-6-0 - Fowler's 1924 development of his design for the Midland Rly. 417 were built, at least 6 preserved. No 47357 pictured running at the Midland Railway Centre.

Pug - Lots of 0-4-0STs were called “Pugs” - the most famous with that name being the Aspinall L&YR (later LMS) class 21. However, the loco pictured in “The Eight Famous Engines” appears to be an LMS 0F Kitson Dock Shunter of 1932 designed by Kitson to Stanier's requirements. Five more were built with smaller tanks in 1953; none have been preserved.

Modeler's Corner
Triang Jinty Model of Kitson Pug
'Jinty' was a tremendously popular model for Triang from the early 1950s on. I had a Triang-Hornby one in late BR livery just like this one in 1971. There are now good finescale models around from Hornby and Bachmann.
A professional job on the Kitson Pug, from a now-defunct web page.
Jinty passenger train set by Bachmann available from Amazon's UK website
Bachmann model train set of a Jinty

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