Harvey's prototype

This 0-4-0CT (Crane Tank) loco was known as ‘Dubsy’ at his first home, the Shelton Iron &Steel Works in Stoke on Trent, where he arrived as Works no 4101 from Glasgow's Dübs and Co in 1901, and worked faithfully for 72 years. Converted to oil burning in 1961, he was withdrawn in 1968. After purchase and a hiatus in storage, the loco arrived at the East Somerset Railway in 1973 and reconverted to coal burning in 1977. "Dubsy" was finally withdrawn for boiler repairs in 1986. The loco has now been repurchased and moved to the Foxfield Railway, closer to his industrial origins in Staffordshire. A unique industrial survivor, this is one of the few Dübs engines still in existence and the possibly the only crane tank.


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