Left: GNR "Stirling Single" 4-2-2 and Right: Emily, the engine's inspired television counterpart

The GNR “Stirling Single” with single 8' 1" driver was designed by Patrick Stirling, and built in 1878 at Doncaster. Stirling combined trusted technology of the day to create a thoroughbred masterpiece which smashed records in the “Race to the North”. As a GN express passenger engine it was a lineal ancestor of Gresley's famous A3 and A4 pacifics. No 1 here is part of the National Collection in York and is currently in steam.

Modeler's Corner
Hornby 00  model of Emily

Left: Hornby's OO version of Emily available from Amazon.co.uk


Below: Bachmann Trains OO model of Emily available from Amazon.com

Bachman 00 version of Emily

Collector's Corner
Classic ERTL model of Emily TOMY's Emily from Amazon.co.uk
ERTL model of Emily TOMY's version of Emily
LC Wooden Emily from Amazon UK and US LC Take-Along Emily from Amazon UK and US
Learning Curve Wooden Emily Learning Curve Take Along Emily