Basis for Diesel 10: a BR Class 42 WarshipMagic Railroad's Diesel-10
Class 42 Warship D832 "Onslaught" at Paddington (left photo: C.L.Caddy) and basis for Diesel-10 (right)

Introduced in the movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad (2000), Diesel 10 is based on the Class 42 Type 4 “Warship” diesel hydraulic locomotives first put into BR operation in 1958, naturally sans hydraulic ‘claw’! Below is a short clip of the preserved "Onslaught" pictured above in not-so-terrifying action coursing through Williton in 2009. D832 can be seen today in operation at the West Somerset Railway in the U.K.

Modeler's Corner
Although no model of Diesel-10 is known to exist in model railway circles, Bachmann Trains offers a few Class 42 Warships in their UK Product line. Bachmann recommended UK retailers can be found at a location near you.
Bachmann Class 42 Warship

Fandom's Corner

In the absence of any 00 gauge version of D-10 being available, UK site visitor J. Souter took the initiative to customize his own - in his words: I just used a normal Class 42 Warship, just painted the body, sculped the face myself out of modelling clay, and then just made up "Pinchy".

J Souter's Diesel-10
J. Souter shares a photo of his customized Diesel-10 - with our many thanks :)

Collector's Corner
Classic ERTL model of Diesel 10 TOMY Diesel 10 available from Amazon UK and US
ERTL model of Diesel 10 TOMY model of Diesel 10
LC Wooden Diesel 10 from Amazon UK and US LC Take-Along Diesel 10 from Amazon UK and US
Learning Curve Wooden Diesel 10 Learning Curve Take-Along Diesel 10