Tourist Poster

Beautifully of its time, this tourist poster was sent to me by Daphne Negus. It is dated by the "Tourist Organization of Thailand" logo in use from 1963-1979, before that body morphed into the current "Tourism Authority of Thailand". You've immediately spotted the discrepancy, right? The lady's cat is said to be Siamese, but looks pretty grey to me - yes, it's a Korat, down to those sparkling green eyes! So what's the interpretation? Like Somkiat said, there is confusion in the popular mind between the two types. This aside, there continues the feeling that it is the Korat which Thais prefer the look of, which makes it the most popular "Siamese cat" of the two - not semantically wrong, if you accept that Korat cats come from Siam every bit as much as the Wichienmas do.

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