Thai books on Thai Cats

Most bookstores in Thailand have a title like one of these on their shelves, usually in the animal and plant husbandry section. Seuksaphan Panich, a government chain of school supply shops, stocks the bottom right title, "Maew Thai" by Suthilak Amphanwong, in a "Ladybird Book" format. This makes it the one in longest continuous print, and it is easily the most authoritative*, although they are all slender volumes, usually containing a cat poem text with illustrations. The others tend to not last beyond their initial print runs before being replaced with something similar, and their authors often use pen-names.
Clockwise from left:
Khuu Meuu Liang Maew Thai ("Thai Cats Care Manual") - Nareumon Manippan
Maew Thai ("Thai Cats") - Wichit Singthong
Maew Thai ("Thai Cats") - Suthilak Amphanwong
Maew Mongkhon ("Lucky Cats") - "Wilareudee"
Maew Siam ("Siamese Cats") - "Araya"

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