Siamese and Copper cats

Articles of interest to the Wichienmas and Supphalak cats. For the Siamese Wichien means "diamond" and mas means "moon" or "gold" depending on which final "s" is used. So it can be "Moon Diamond" (the spelling in the Wat Anongkharam cremation book) or "Gold and Diamonds" (most older spellings and what seems to be accepted as the standard modern spelling also).

For the Copper, suppha is a superlative prefix, and lak comes from laksana "characteristic", so, "superlative characteristic", or as in my book*, "Excellent Type", while thong daeng (literally "red gold") is the element "copper", hence "Copper".

Kamnan Preecha and Ampawa

Ampawa's floating market is a popular day trip destination from Bangkok and the Thai Cat Centre is one of its supplemental attractions which was founded some years ago when Governor Nawin Khanthahiran of Samut Songkram approached Kamnan Preecha Pukkabut, a local leader noted for his love of Thai cats, which he dates from looking after a Wichienmas cat as a child.

For practical purposes, Preecha settled on four Tamra Maew-derived breeds: Wichianmas, Suppalak, Korat, and Konja (black cat), plus the Khaomanee. Preecha's breeding success has been particularly great with the Coppers, which are very beautiful and numerous at the Thai Cat centre.

Kamnan Preecha's granddaughter Khun Ta currently holds the organizational reins of the big cattery, which will hopefully continue its role as the major Thai Cat cattery in the country for some time to come.

Siamese and Copper Gallery: Ampawa

Kamnan Preecha with one of his champion Siamese.

Khun Ta and a fevourite copper

Copper in the nursery building with babies

Ampawa signs

Map showing location of Thai Cat Center relative to Ampawa Floating Market.

Lots of amazing signs and posters at the Thai Cat Center.

"Ancient Thai cats remaining in the present day are only 4 kinds". Kamnan Preecha uses the illustrations from the Wat Anongkharam cremation book*. In this gallery, all 23 cats are recorded.

Two more examples of "the five".

Very nicely done poster, presumably with Preecha's cats. The title reads, "Preserve Thai cats, preserve Thai heritage.

Ampawa postcards

Here are Thai cat postcards on sale at the Thai Cat Centre in Ampawa.

Fridge magnets

Ampawa's markets have many fridge magnets, but these were on sale at the Thai Cat Centre, and I bought as many different ones as i could. As you can see on my fridge, they are either photos of cats or Thai cat heads. Five heads available: Wichienmas, Supphalak, Korat, Konja and Khaomanee. Two baskets of fish for them all.

Kamnan Preecha's postcard

Picked up at the Suan Amporn show, this is a nice postcard to cat lovers encouraging them to visit Kamnan Preecha's Thai Cat Center.

Siamese and Copper Gallery: Wat Thong Noppakhun

Luang Pu's foundation dam, with kitten.

Almost black, very dark sable Copper.

Probably belongs in the other gallery, the points are not exactly sealpoint in colour.

The Siamese-Copper sibling pair, who have a cameo in the movie, if you look hard enough.

Everybody say "Awwwwwww".

"Is this all??!! Cheezburger az well plz!"

Street cat number 1

This little fellow was hanging out in the car park of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, clearly a feral Siamese or Siamese/Copper mix, once again with kinked tail.

Cats I used to own: part 1

Everyone I meet assumes that with all this devotion to the cause of Thai cats, I must have a forest of cats in my home, whereas in fact I’m currently shamefully catless! However, I’ve owned cats before in Thailand of various Thai types.

Here is a Siamese and Copper pair, called Reuangdet and Mongkon respectively, that were apparently feral among the fruit orchards of Taling Chan circa 1996. At this date I was processing the mass of data freshly culled from manuscripts in the National Library reading room.

Mongkon, the Copper, is "lucky" or "auspicious"

Reuangdet, the Siamese, is named after this couplet in the klon manuscript*:

Nam nan prakot reuang det, cheuu maew kaew wiset an sopa

- "the name appearing in power, named Jewel Cat of beauty*"

I had to guess they were siblings - as well as arriving together very much the package of two, and besides the similar pattern (albeit Siamese and Copper in each), they each had an identical docked tail about 4 inches long.

We had full “ownership” of them for about a year or two, after which they both melted back into the jungle, Reuangdet making one memorable farewell appearance.

Cats I used to own: part 2

Khun Vichit Samantrakul was for a time a prime mover and shaker in Thai cat circles, and around 2002 he gave me a bluepoint Siamese kitten who was named Mongkon after his illustrious predecessor. Bluepoints don't appear in the Tamra Maew despite being simply a cross of Korat and Siamese, so he would not have been eligible for any shows.

Exhibition in Suan Amporn

On August 12, 2012, a cat exhibition was part of the festivities at an exhibition of local culture at Suan Amporn in Bangkok to honour Her Majesty the Queen. Khun Saipin of the Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand (CFCT) chaired a panel discussion with Kamnan Preecha and other breeders. Khun It was present as well, and I met Kamnan Preecha's son.

Kamnan Preecha, myself and Khun Istzy.

Siamese from Maew Thai dot com was a star on the stage.

Kamnan Preecha's son.

Khun Saipin (centre) at the stall of the Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand (CFCT).

Rose Garden show

December 15, 2012 was the date for this show at the Rose Garden in Nakhon Pathom, known to Thais as Suan Sam Pran after the town where it is. The show itself is a huge agricultural and livestock fair of which the cat show was but a small part, and I was alerted to it by Stephane Montelheit. Khun Istzy’s Khaomanee was grand champion.

One of the entrants, holding her Copper.



The winners: Including K Istzy (2nd from left) and his partner (far right, holding champion Khaomanee)

Interesting standee of the Tamra Maew with images taken from the cremation volume of Somdet Phra Puttajan*

Another standee about the fame of Thai cats.

Khun Saipin from CFCT, here encouraging the support of stray cat shelters with a rescued tortoiseshell.

Cristy's Rammasoon and Laia

"Jiw" from Wat Thong Noppakhun successfully made the long journey to Cristy Bird's Sarsenstone cattery in California where he is now known as “Rammasoon”. Here he is with Laia, another Thai cat with ancestors obtained from Khun Arm in Bangkok and Ed and Malee Rose in Chiang Mai. Laia is the one with the straight tail.

Wat Thong Feb 2013: Siamese and Copper

From a visit to Wat Thong in the company of Nancy Day and her friends in February 2013. Luang Pu was not present.

Feeding time enables a rough count of at least 30 cats. The majority are semi-albino.

You wanted a photo? Here you are!

You my brudder?

They seek her here, they seek her there: The elusive Song Pan

Feline inflation: Song Pan's litter, called - what else? - Sam Pan (3,000) and See Pan (4,000)

A nice shot of See Pan

Other Siamese.

She of the posed foreleg.

Other Coppers.

Almost black Copper.

Siamese somewhere...

Street cat number 2

At an anonymous Bangkok streetside shop in January 2013, a very nice Copper.

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