O Lady Cat...

I never thought I'd live to see a real rain ceremony, but Chuchai organized a magnificent response to my request for rain ceremony for the Animal Planet cameras. Our van was welcomed by most of the village population, marquees, a dance show from the little girls, and we were honoured by the presence of local bigwigs, including both the current and former MPs!

A white-robed Brahmin conducted all the necessary rituals before the Korat cat, hand-picked by Chuchai to cope with the ordeal, was secured in her basket and set off on her journey around the village. Our cameraman Marc taped a little Go Pro camera inside the basket to capture her reaction to the splashing.

We were there in August, so there was plenty of rain about, as opposed to the drought periods of March-April, when the ceremony would usually be applied. Also, our ceremony did not cover the whole village, but nonetheless captured the interactive nature of all the villagers in each house being involved in the splashing. All in all, despite being staged for us, it had the feeling of authenticity, that this was what the ceremony would look like when conducted in earnest. Finally things came to an end and we were off to Chuchai's cattery for close-ups.

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