Met Sawat

Si Sawad is another name for the Korat, so said because the sawad plant has grey seeds, the colour of the cat. Thais toss the term "si sawad" around as if the plant was a common thing that everyone would know, but in fact the sawad plant (a climber with the scientific name Caesalpinia crista) and its seeds are not everyday items. On the trip to Phimai with Eva Krynda, I finally got to see a met sawat for the first time. In dimension, it is about the size of a thumbnail. Chuchai had got some, from I know not where, and gave another one to Eva. Modern cameras are microscopes to some degree, and this picture has clear detail of the seed's surface - the main colour light grey, with unexpected darker grey contour lines and a few specks of stained-in dirt. Conclusive proof that the colour signification of "si sawad" is a Korat cat!

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