Making Cats 101: Thai Cats

Animal Planet had contacted me before, a lady called Arestia Rosenberg, and the end result was the article here called SEA Games Presentation. Then a number of people contacted me about a researcher Kim Rideout, she passed me onto Heather Scudellari and finally I was talking to John Neely about making plans for his shoot.

We whittled to some core locations and made all the arrangements - he was picked up after a transglobal marathon involving Boston and France, and delivered directly to the Dusit Princess Korat Hotel. The next morning, we plunged him straight into deepest rural Thailand to film the rain ceremony.

We being he, myself, cameraman Marc Laban and his crew. The filming went well and after interviews with Chuchai at his cattery, we were headed back to Bangkok.

The next day we visited Kamnan Preecha in Ampawa and he went through each Thai breed. In the afternoon, we went to SCAD in Bangkok but any further filming was precluded by a ferocious rainstorm.

On the final day, we filmed the mural and cats at Wat Thong Noppakhun, completed our mission at SCAD with the street cats and headed up to Khun Somkiat's house for the final phase, an interview with Somkiat, and wrapping up with interviewing me in Somkiat's green and luscious garden. I understood this would be intercut with the footage we had in the can.

The final programme was premiered for US viewers on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet's Cats 101 on May 5, 2012.

Despite apprehensions, I think most of our plan made it to the finished movie. Enjoy. .

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