Cats I used to own: part 1

Everyone I meet assumes that with all this devotion to the cause of Thai cats, I must have a forest of cats in my home, whereas in fact I’m currently shamefully catless! However, I’ve owned cats before in Thailand of various Thai types.

Here is a Siamese and Copper pair, called Reuangdet and Mongkon respectively, that were apparently feral among the fruit orchards of Taling Chan circa 1996. At this date I was processing the mass of data freshly culled from manuscripts in the National Library reading room.

Mongkon, the Copper, is "lucky" or "auspicious"

Reuangdet, the Siamese, is named after this couplet in the klon manuscript*:

Nam nan prakot reuang det, cheuu maew kaew wiset an sopa

- "the name appearing in power, named Jewel Cat of beauty*"

I had to guess they were siblings - as well as arriving together very much the package of two, and besides the similar pattern (albeit Siamese and Copper in each), they each had an identical docked tail about 4 inches long.

We had full “ownership” of them for about a year or two, after which they both melted back into the jungle, Reuangdet making one memorable farewell appearance.

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