Black, white and others Gallery: Wat Thong Noppakhun

This girl looks like she has had kittens to boost the black-with-white spotting population of the colony and go for some of the more unusual Tamra Maew patterns.

A real black cat I think. Ninlarat or Konja in the poems.

This cat wants to be the white cat in the mural, lovely blue eyes but a few stray markings.

Is this the same cat? Here showing its mixed ancestry, a variation striven for by breeders but here naturally occurring. Follow some other cats with Siamese and or Copper blood, mainly identified by the eyes.

Common cats at Wat Thong

Wat Thong does not lack ordinary tabby, orange or tortoiseshell cats, which are not considered especially lucky.

Tabby: you know it's Thai, because of the kinked tail.

(Above and below) White spotting is very usual.

This little tortie stole the camera too.

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