Despite some superficial similarities to the Routemaster (RM) Bus, correspondent John Rye points out that Bulgy is more properly the RM's predecessor in London, an RT Regent, owing to the roof-mounted number blind and other features. The bus in the picture above is RT113, built in 1940, which has the same shape of driver's windscreen.

Bulgy appeared in "Oliver the Western Engine" (1969).

Model feature: Exploring the large variety of provincial bodybuilds of the AEC Regent found buses that were "Bulgier", such as this Regent V in Manchester, modelled by Corgi as a "Hebble" bus. Note the ad on the model - not "anti-railway" per se but rather similar in message to Bulgy's hoarding!

Corgi model of Bulgy (right) and prototype (left)

Collector’s Corner:
Classic ertl logo model of Bulgy
New New ERTL Logo take-along model of Bulgy
Classic ERTL model of Bulgy
ERTL Take-Along model of Bulgy

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