NW Brake Van

Careful study distinguishes the "spiteful brake van" from "The Twin Engines" (1960) as a North Eastern Railway design which became an LNER standard after amalgamation in 1923. Brake vans of the time were very much alike except the GW's distinctive Toad, and below is the extremely similar short-wheelbase LMS 20-ton version, chosen by Daniel Snell for his picture, which prompted this page to be made. It's missing the support struts at either end, and has different hand-rails. The face anyway is just right! The LNER went on to add platform ends to their standard brake and this in turn became the BR standard brake van after 1948. Just by the way, on some railways this was indeed known as a "break van".

Another Spiteful  Brake Van

Secondhand Model Feature:

This little fella, a Triang NE brake van from the early 60s, shows a suspicious resemblance to our spiteful and dearly departed friend.

Triang NE Brake Van

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