Metropolitain Vickers Co-Bo
From The Railway Magazine, January 1959. At Co-Bo World

The Rev W. described himself as a "sucker for oddities": This is Britain’s first and only asymmetric ooo-oo (Co-Bo) diesel. Metropolitan Vickers (Metrovick) claimed this was to meet weight requirements. Introduced in 1958, the underpowered "Type 2" did not last long, but one of them, D5705, led a charmed life as a Departmental loco in Derby. This is now undergoing preservation, the story of which is available at the marvellous Co-Bo World. Under the 1968 renumbering, this class received the official designation of Class 28, although no vehicle ever bore the number.

You can help save BoCo!
Here is an great offer on the BR Diesel Web for users of Microsoft Train Simulator. An add-on route pack of all 12 miles of the East Lancashire Railway and all resident traction at the ELR for a mere £15, and/or an add-on traction pack of Western, Warship and Hymek diesel-hydraulics for just £5. All proceeds from the sale of these items contribute to the restoration of our favourite asymmetrical diesel, No D5705:

Check this series of BoCo at the Bury Transport Museum, East Lancashire Railway, and Crewe Open Day, by AJ Slater and Chris Bailey.

Boco at the Bury Transport Museum
At Bury Transport Museum 2002. © AJ Slater, BRDW

From Tony Grigg's notes on "The Island of Sodor":
Number D2 "BoCo"
Boco is a Co-Bo Diesel-Electric Type 2 locomotive built by Metropolitan Vickers from 1958.Originally number D5702, BoCo was released for trials on the Island of Sodor in 1965 and eventually purchased by NWR for use on The Brendam Branch Line. BoCo is based at Wellsworth.

BoCo was introduced in "Main Line Engines" (1966).

Modeller's Corner:

Hornby Dublo modelled the Co-Bo diesel in the 1960s. Notice that the 2-rail version here bears BoCo's number D5702 - something of a coincidence - possibly because this very diesel rode the metals on the Ffarquhar Branch?

Hornby Dublo model of Co-Bo from the 1960s

Fandom Corner:

Gavin Rose had BoCo built to specifications by a professional modeller, and added the finishing touches himself.

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Gavin Rose's model of BoCo

Collector's Corner:
Classic ERTL model of Boco LC Wooden Boco from Tomy model of Boco from
Classic ERTL model of Boco Learning Curve Wooden model of Boco Tomy model of Boco

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