A typical single-deck bus of the 40s similar to Bertie but with a large destination board. No T792 here is a 9.6 litre AEC Regal "T Class" London Country Area bus from 1948. Bertie's registration CRD54 alludes to C. Reginald Dalby's illustration of him in "Edward the Blue Engine" (1954).

Bertie first appeared in "Tank Engine Thomas Again" (1949).

Model Feature: Lledo produced an OO scale model of the AEC Regal in early BR livery which would be a good match, being a proper "railway bus" feeding a branchline railhead as Bertie did:

Lledo 00 scale model of Bertie

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Hornby model of Bertie
Take Along Bertie

Collector's Corner: Rareties no longer produced or are hard to come by in retail stores.

Classic ERTL logo model of Bertie (1988)
HornbyERTL model of Bertie

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