BR Bo-Bo Hymek Diesel Hydraulic  7017
"A rather unkempt 7017 running light engine through Reading General station in June 1972. This engine is now preserved on the West Somerset Railway."
Photo © Michael Taylor, viewable at Railfan Europe. Thanks to John Williamson for helping trace this particular picture.

The "Hymek" B-B Class 35 diesel-hydraulic of 1961 (named after its Stone-Maybach Mekydro transmission unit) was the last loco to be part of the Western Region’s bold experiment with hydraulic transmission systems, which included the famous "Warship" and "Western" classes; even after nationalisation, the independent spirit of the GWR’s Swindon workshops continued. However, the hydraulic units were shelved due to a policy of diesel-electric standardization. Four Hymeks are preserved from an original build of 101.

From Tony Grigg's notes on "The Island of Sodor":
Number D3 "Bear"
Bear is a BR Bo-Bo Hymek Diesel Hydraulic originally numbered D7101 which arrived on Sodor in 1967. Bear is used on mainline services on Sodor and based at Tidmouth

Martin adds:
Note that as Donald and Douglas, Bear's number 7101 is one ahead of the official Hymek number sequence which ended at 7100.

Bear (D7101) arrived in "Enterprising Engines" (1968).

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Hornby model of Bear/D7101 available from (click image) Classic ERTL model of Bear/D7101
Hornby model of Bear/D7101 Classic ERTL model of Bear