Arm is 5 years old and the proud owner of a TOMY Thomas trainset. Here he is with Edward, Thomas.and Toby.

Sodor Nos 1-5 drawn to cheer up his great-granny in faraway France.

Gordon comes out of a tunnel with the Express. Percy waits in a siding


Update from Arm: Now he's 6 and drawing skills have come some way, but it's another famous train this time, Ivor. Guess I need to make a new website...


Here's Arm again in the cab of State Railway of Thailand's preserved 2-8-2 No 953

No. 953 just after Arm got off and just before her last movement of a special open day at Thonburi Locomotive Shed.

Arm is now... drum roll... EIGHT

Bangkok street scene. Bus and skytrain


Arm on the buffer beam of SRT "Pacific" No 824 at Hualampong Platform 5



SRT "Pacifics" Nos 824 and 850 double head the King's Birthday Special from Bangkok to Ayutthaya on Dec 5, 2008.
850 runs backwards so as to head the train on the return journey.


On March 26, 2009, Arm FINALLY got behind 824 and 850 for the journey to Ayutthaya, National Railway Foundation Day Special.

In between then, we got in a trip to Kanchanburi.



Here we see the engines returning to the platform in Ayutthaya for the down journey to Bangkok

No. 850 in Ayutthaya

Recreation shortly afterwards in model form by Arm

Arm in the cab of No. 824 in Bangkok

A jumbo welcome in Ayutthaya

Model of a SRT diesel in LEGO, similar to the one we took to Kanchanburi

Track Maintenance on the way to Kanchanburi

At Kanchanburi Station: Thailand's only surviving Garrett

Gordon's Thai cousin, a British-built P5 Pacific, at the Bridge over the River Kwai

As rendered by Arm, from SRT official photo below

Full circle (see top picture): Sodor Nos. 1-5 in coniderably more detail


Finally - OY'S CORNER... Oy is 14 going on 15

A Plymouth diesel

A Thunderbird style vehicle in LEGO - from Oy


October 23, 2009: The great train chase and meeting up with Valerie and Dan

Unable (yet again!) to get tickets for the steam train on October 23 (King Chulalongkorn Day), we took the next available train from Hualampong (a railcar going to Udorn Thani). We overtook the steam train at Bang Pa-in! So we were able to see it pulling into Ayutthaya station:



We were met at the station by Valerie and Dan. Here they are with Arm in front of No 850

Val took us to see a Big Buddha and the temple also had a lot of fish, in feeding frenzy mode!

No 824 was unusually smoky that day.

A friendly "old" GE diesel and the railcar that took us home:

Back to Hualampong safely - here walking to underground to connect to skytrain and the new Thonburi extension.


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