1979 Annual

The Cover of the 1979 annual, an "Authorised Edition" long before any TV producers had their eye on the franchise. All the pictures are by an artist named Edgar Hodges and are mostly redone images from the books. Pictures from the early books are particularly striking, as Hodges' style is rather closer to Peter Edwards than C Reginald Dalby! Follows a subjective selection of some of the finer illustrations in this book. Once again, Thanks due to Ryan Healy for sharing these images with us. For pictures of the "Ffarquhar Branch" model railway in this annual, please go to this page.

The Thin and Fat Clergymen at the Arlesdale Railway
Good portraits of Teddy Boston and Wilbert Awdry at the Small Railway.

James in black livery.
James captured in the far-off days when he was still black.

James and the Circus Train
The circus comes to town - from an unusual new angle.
Thomas Goes Fishing
Thomas and Terence

Two treatments from "Tank Engine Thomas Again" - The Fat Controller's famous fish supper (left) and Terence's rescue of Thomas from a snowdrift (above)

Gordon and Flying Scotsman
City of Truro visits Sodor
Giants of Steam: Flying Scotsman (left), "City of Truro" (right)

The Narrow Gauge Selection:
Artist Edgar Hodge's rendition of 'Duke' A fine portrait of "Duke" at work on the MSR

Nancy armed with cloth and pail in a scene of the Skarloey veterans. Nancy attends to Skarloey and Rheneas

Duncan as depicted by artist Edgar Hodges. ... Let's hope Duncan isn't too upset.