The Three Railway Engines (1945)
No 1. The Three Railway Engines (1945)
Edward's Day Out
Edward and Gordon
The Sad Story of Henry
Edward, Gordon and Henry
Author: The Rev. W. Awdry
Illustrator: C. Reginald Dalby*

Introduces Edward, Gordon, Henry and the Fat Director.

*The first book was published with illustrations by William Middleton in 1945. The book was re-illustrated by C Reginald Dalby and accordingly republished in 1949.

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Story Synopsis
Edward's Day Out: Edward goes out after being in the shed for a while.
Edward and Gordon:
Gordon (named after a bossy little boy among the Awdrys' neighbours) boasts about pulling the express, but shows up with a goods train. Gets stuck on a hill, known forever afterwards as Gordon's Hill, but Edward pushes him up the hill.
The Sad Story of Henry:
Henry hides from the rain in a tunnel. Various attempts to get him out, led by the Fat Director, fail, so Henry is bricked in the tunnel.
Edward, Gordon and Henry:
Gordon blows his safety valve while pulling a train near Henry's tunnel. Edward cannot pull the train, so Henry is let out of his tunnel to help him.
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