Small Railway Engines (1967)
No 22. Small Railway Engines (1967)
Mike's Whistle
Useful Railway
Author: The Rev. W. Awdry
Illustrator: Peter and Gunvor Edwards

Introduces Rex, Mike and Bert of the Arlesdale Railway as well as the Fat Clergyman and the Thin Clergyman.

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Story Synopsis
Ballast: Duck is introduced by Rex to the Small Railway, which provides ballast for the rest of the Sodor system.
Two clergymen visit and splash Bert with their car. In revenge, he showers the Fat Clergyman by steaming up a forested rise.
Mike's Whistle:
Mike loses his whistle while trying to move a cow; the passengers have to whistle for him.
Useful Railway:
Rex takes a wool train but is derailed by a bale of wool on the track.
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