Henry the Green Engine (1951)
No 6. Henry the Green Engine(1951)
The Flying Kipper
Gordon's Whistle
Percy and the Trousers
Henry's Sneeze
Author: The Rev. W. Awdry
Illustrator: C. Reginald Dalby

In which Henry gets his New Shape.

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Story Synopsis
Coal: Henry has trouble steaming until the Fat Controller gets him some Welsh coal.
The Flying Kipper:
Henry takes a night fish train and crashes in wintry conditions; gets sent to Crewe and returns with a New Shape.
Gordon's Whistle:
Gordon says Henry's whistle is too loud; Gordon's whistle gets jammed.
Percy and the Trousers:
Percy collides with the Fat Controller's trunk.
Henry's Sneeze:
Henry deals with hooligans throwing stones from a bridge by ‘sneeezing’ on them with smoke and ash.
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