Enterprising Engines (1968)
No 23. Enterprising Engines (1968)
Tenders for Henry
Super Rescue
Little Western
Author: The Rev. W. Awdry
Illustrator: Peter and Gunvor Edwards

Introduces Flying Scotsman, Spamcan, Bear, Oliver, Isabel and Toad

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Story Synopsis
Tenders for Henry: Flying Scotsman visits, but Henry is jealous he has two tenders. Duck fools him with six old, dirty tenders.
Super Rescue:
Henry rescues two diesels and their trains, the rude Spamcan and the polite D7101.
Douglas rescues Oliver, Isabel and Toad from the Other Railway.
Little Western:
Oliver and Duck are given the new branchline to the Small Railway; D7101 stays in Sodor and takes the name “Bear”.
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