Ronnie Corbett
Awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire)

Born: December 4, 1930, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 
Married to Anne E. Hart
Father of Emma and Sophie

Author of 'Ronnie Corbett's Armchair Golf', "The Doncella Book of Pubmanship" and "Ronnie Corbett's Small Man's Guide"

Good Morning, Boys (1937)
(aka Where There's a Will)
You're Only Young Twice (1952)
"Crackerjack!" (1955)
Fun at St. Fanny's (1956)
Rockets Galore! (1957)
(aka Mad Little Island)
"Frost Report, The" (with Ronnie Barker)
"No, That's Me Over Here!"
Casino Royale (1967)
Some Will, Some Won't (1969)
Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer, The (1970)
"Two Ronnies, The" (1971)
"Now Look Here" (1971)
"Christmas Night with the Stars, A" (1958)
No Sex, Please - We're British (1973)
Picnic, The (1975) (with Ronnie Barker)
"Ronnie Corbett's Saturday Special" (1977)
"Sorry!" (1981)
By the Sea (1982) (with Ronnie Barker)
"All the Best for Christmas" (1997)
Fierce Creatures (1997)
"Timbuctoo" (1998)
"Ben Elton Show, The" (1998)
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