I first discovered “The Two Ronnies” in 1979, on my local PBS station. A friend of mine told me “You gotta see these guys”, and sat me down in front of the program. Until that time, my exposure to British humor had been limited to a few episodes of “I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again” over NPR and a couple Monty Python clips on TV.

As I watched, the first thing I noticed was that I couldn’t follow all of it. I knew they were speaking English, but, being a poor yank, I just didn’t get some of it. What I did understand was bright, intelligent and completely hilarious. I was particularly taken with the wordplay. I sat dumbfounded as Ronnie B. flew through tongue twister after tongue twister with ease.
Alas, a few weeks later, the series had run its course and was gone.

It wasn’t until the late 80’s that it was replayed. This time, though, I was fortunate enough to have a VCR, so I was able to capture this wonderful show for posterity.

Then a couple years ago, I was on the net, having no problem at all finding information about anything and everything. Then I tried looking for “The Two Ronnies”.


For a series that had been on British television for twelve series over the course of fifteen years, this lack of notice was unforgivable. So, I decided that, when I had the technology, I would give the Ronnies a voice on the internet. This site is the result.

It's just my way of saying "You gotta see these guys".

So what’s here? 

What you’ll find is a set of parody news items, sketches and monologues, presented in the form of an extremely packed programme. The choices of material are strictly mine, based on what I have available and what makes me laugh best.

Read on and enjoy. If you like what you see, go to your friends and tell them “You gotta see these guys”. And remember, if you don’t get everything the first time, you’re in good company.