I say, Humphrey . . .
What is is, Godfrey?
Who was that terrible woman
you were with today?
That was my sister.
Oh, yes! Of course!
I should have noticed the resemblance.
Just got married, hasn't she?
Yes. Yes. And do you know, she's
married a man who, invariably, people
take an instant dislike to.
Oh? Why is that, do you think?
It saves time.
She's just moved to Cheltenham.
She loves Cheltenham. She says, in Cheltenham, breeding is everything.
Yes, well, we enjoy it in Kensington as
well, but we're not fanatical about it.
Funny thing is, though, although hes a
bully, an idler and a drunk, she intends
to have seventeen children by him.
Good grief! Why on earth would
she want to do that?
She says she's hoping to lose
him in the crowd.
.    .    .
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