In response to many requests, and all kinds of personal desire to update the heck out of this site, not to mention a lot of blind luck, "The Two Ronnies Virtual Episode" proudly presents a selection of some of The Ronnies most popular sketches for your enjoyment, perusal, and the wanton cluttering up of your hard drive.

Right click on the filename to download: And choose Save Link Target As . . . and it's all yours!
Fork Handles
Yup, that Fork Handles! Voted the most popular comedy sketch several consecutive years, beloved by one and all. A classic of miscommunication. (15mb)
Real Water
It's trendy It's available everywhere! It's wet! Features one of Ronnie Barker's great tongue twisting lists. (7.2mb)
Nuts M'Lord
Short and sweet, and awfully funny. (4mb)
Crossed Lines
Two strangers, one bank of telephones. Classic wordplay. (8mb)
Finishing Sentences
Charlie and Bert down the pub. Another exercise in . . . Futility? . . . F-Major? . . .Frilly pink undies? No! In the foibles of communication. (11mb)
It's a Duck
A simple case of "love me, love my dog", or racing pigeon . . . or duck, as the case may be. (11.5mb)
Messers Watt and Wright try to sort out which of them is which. (7.5mb)
In the trenches in WWI. It was dismal. It was dangerous. It was LOUD! (7.7mb)
Rupert Baird
The children seem to love him,/Although he's fairly cloying.
He speaks in rhyme all of the time./He's just #$@*% annoying! (4.8mb)

The above clips were created by Paul Fisher, a fine man and the operator of a website in tribute to the legendary Leonard Rossiter, which can be found here!

Also, if you'd like, drop him some feedback and tell him you enjoyed finding these gems and would like to see more.