OVERALL: As you can see, the main layout is aprox 19 feet by 3 feet with an additional track that goes all the way around the garage.  This was no simple feat as the garage door and two other regular doors plus access to a water heater had to be delt with.  After some experimentation I found that if I simply attached the shelf to the garage door (left hand side)  it was a simple matter to just remove two pieces of track and open the door.  For the door to the kitchen (right center) I made a simple hinged fold down bridge that would positively lock when in position.  No removable track sections were necessary and that makes it really easy for my wife to use. (an important feature).  The door to the outside is on the bottom right and the triangle piece of track work simply folds up onto the door.  All of these work very well and track

ORIGINS: The original layout was drawn by a friend of mine many many years ago. It is a figure 8 with most of the turns in tunnels.  Minimum radius is about 12".  The original did not include the yards.  I added what is essentially the simple minimum yard  from John Armsong' s book "Track Planning for Realistic Operation".

TRACK: All of the track is Atlas Flex with Atlas switches with home made under table linkages to Atlas HO switch motors.  Works pretty well but if I had it to do over again I would use something else. The passing sidings are aprox 15 cars long. I am not the best at laying track, but I don't seem to have much of a derail problem.  Access to the tunnel track is from below.

CONTROL:  Originally set up for standard dual cab DC operation, I am now running Digitrax DCC control and am very pleased with it. I still have the block control panel with all the switches and wires (ugh).  I wish Digitrax was available when I started the wiring.  It would have made things MUCH simpler.  There are many articles on wiring for DCC.  My track was already double gapped with a common rail bus (not the track), so conversion was simple and I have made no changes YET.

EXPANSION:  As you can see there is an area for some expansion.  I have talked to a few people and have some interesting ideas for this area including a car float and mine.  Problem is I am terrible at planning!  Any ideas for an area like this??