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This ViewView of the car shop and engine house
This is the front side of the car shop and a view of the turntable.  Turntable is a CornerStone with a modified rail. 
This is an overall view of the turn table and car shop.
Switcher in the rear is pushing a new load of sand in for the sanding facilities.  SD50 is just in from out of town and will be lashed into the next train north.
Engine shop with the nose of a SD-40-2.  Crew is off today, all the lights are out.
Closer view of the new load of sand coming in. Unloads onto the track and into the pit on the right and is pumped into the holding hopper on stilts to the right.
Fuel in front, sand holding hopper to the rear...most important building in the yard center frame.
ThiAnotAnother view, same area.  Sand car now unloading. Hmmm... Is that a beer truck in the back?her 
 SD-50 in from out of town.  Crew must be resting someplace. 
 They still use older engines around this branch.  The old RS2 looks like it has new paint!
View of the service area from the edge of the