Since I don't have much of the scenery done, many of the pictures are of engines, rolling stock and kits.

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IMAGES Page 2 (mostly the service area)
This is an early construction photo.  Most of the construction is 1/2 inch exterior plywood on 1x2 risers from L girder construction.
Downtown Deco's Adams Ave. #1.  This is an interesting kit.  It comes as 4 cast plaster walls and most of the work is painting and detailing.  I found it very enjoyable to construct and have their second in the series waiting to be built.
Into Details transmission towers.  This is a picture before I added the insulators.  Very easy to build and very impressive structures.  They capture the lace like structure very well and will fit into most any layout.  I have 4 and could use a couple more.
This a Kato Pa set that I painted Amtrak.  I know... there were none actually made, but I likes the look of it and it was my first custom painting project.   Came out pretty good I think.  Still need the number boards.
Just a Kato RS-2.  I just liked the way the picture came out.  Love my digital camera!
Kato SD-45.  Trying to be a little artsie-fartsie with a B/W composition
Engine service part of the yard.  This has a modified Bachman sanding/fueling facility and other goodies. 2 Dash-9's are in for some work.
This is an over view shot of the layout looking north.  The background was enhanced to wrap around a little better.
Same area different angle.  Still a lot of work to do on the scenery! 
Two lashed up -9's leaving the yard with a heavy string of hoppers in tow. Daily Amtrak Passenger takes on riders on the siding just North of the yard. The rain storm is about to over take them both  Models: Kato -9's with Digitrax decoders and lights installed. Into Detail transmission tower and Walthers Cement Co in background. Photo: Taken with an Olympus D-340R and edited with Paint  Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop 5. 

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