If you look at the GIF of the layout, you can see I have an L shaped area that I can expand some track into .  The dementions are 7 feet across the back of the L, 4 feet out the foot of the L,  3 feet across the foot and 2 feet back to the base.

I published a request for input on rec.models.rr and got a few responses.  One of the better ideas came from R. Hargrave Glendale Az., and is shown below.  If you have any ideas or input, please contact me at sbmcc@pacbell.net

Things I would like:  I would really like a car float ramp on a major river near the edge of the layout, possibly in the crook of the L or elsewhere. I would like to have a couple of nice bridges over rushing water and or over other track as I have almost none on the other side. I also need a passenger station so some loop from the mainline needs to get into the new area for that. I would like some mountain terrain as the other side though has a grade separation is not "mountainous" at all.  Need a mine someplace (have hoppers with no source for them.(grin)).